Sommelier at home wine experience sessions


Tour du Monde 


Tour du monde

Let's do wine education with 4 wines selected around the world.

$180 per person min 4.

Tour de France


Cycling: 65th Tour of Spain 2010 / Stage 13

Let's do wine education with 4 French wines selected by Romeo.

$280 per person min 4.


Tour des Grands Crus


France map wine

Let's do this luxury experience wine education with Champagne , Burgundy Grand Cru W & R , Bordeaux Grand cru classé.

$980 per person min 4.

Group wine experience sessions 

Looking for an interesting way to learn about wine in relaxed atmosphere? RomeoWine’s group experience sessions offers participants an enjoyable two hour evening of wine discovery. Using a practical approach to wine tasting, participants learn how to appreciate and create comments around wine.

These sessions are ideal for:

  • Family and friends get togethers

  • Special occasions

  • Birthdays

Group sizes are between 4-6 people for a two-hour wine experience session.

Participants are guaranteed to immediately increase their wine confidence level.   

All sessions includes:

  • Educational wine experience by Romeo

  • Professional glasses and decanters 

  • Set up and clean up after event


Private wine experience sessions

Are you seeking a more in depth wine education experience on wine in the comfort of your own home?

RomeoWine sommelier at home sessions offers clients a one-on-one slower style to learn and appreciate wine or a specific wine region. Sessions are always tailored to meet client’s specific needs.

Previous examples of one-on-one wine sessions with RomeoWine include:

Combining French and English wine tasting sessions: Courses are delivered in both languages. Perfect for those wanting a real French wine tasting experience.

• Targeted wine courses: Looking to brush up on a specific area of wine tasting or preparing for your next big meeting and are required to host your clients? RomeoWine works and coaches clients to reach their individual wine education goals. Clients increase their wine knowledge and their confidence around wine. 

One-on-one sessions are ideal for:

• Wine lovers/connoisseurs who want to further develop their knowledge

• People seeking a more intimate learning experience


One to One Private Master class



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"We were invited to a wine tasting party at Romeo's. He displayed impressive knowledge about quality wine and vineyards. He taught us in the end how to discern good wine. Anyone wanting to understand wine, come to Romeo. He will change a novice into an expert" -

 Many thanks,