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Are you a restaurant owner or restaurant manager that needs to ?

⇑ Increase your staff’s knowledge of wine

⇑ Increase your wine sales revenue

⇑ Update / renew your wine list to pair with your meals

RomeoWine’s restaurant wine education workshops are designed to help you sale more wine to your restaurant patrons. Our team will help you achieve this through:

• Delivering tailored wine training courses: Providing wait staff with practical tips and tools to have the confidence required to recommend wines with every dish (including entrees, mains, and sweet and savory desserts).

• Designing wine list menus: Working with restaurant managers, owners, and chefs, we will review your existing wine list or create new ones to optimise your wine sales conversions

Restaurant wine education workshops are ideal for:

⇒ Restaurant, bar, and hotel wait staff

⇒ Restaurant and bar owners and managers

If you would like help in designing the perfect wine list menu and would like to provide your wait staff with wine knowledge, then contact us today. 

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