Good Food & Wine Melbourne Show 2016

Friday 3rd of June 2016


This is my first Romeo Good Food & Wine show.

It reminds me two years ago when I arrived in Melbourne and volunteered for the event. I was simply so excited to be surrounded by Australian good food and wine makers! But this time, things were a little different. I was coming for my business and was on a mission to meet wine and cheese makers, make some good connections, and of course taste the fruits of their labour.


My first stop was the Jack Winery stand from Coonawarra. Arriving on the Friday, I was lucky to spend some time discussing with Shannon Sutherland the wine maker. We talked about this special wine region and his personal philosophy on wine making. It was great to learn how he uses the local terroir and his wine passion to make an excellent range of products.

Shiraz Mythology was my favorite Jack Winery wine. It’s got this fresh style with plenty of dark fruit, plum aromatics on the nose and on the pallet, with a long finish. It’s perfect to pair with a beautiful piece of Australian lamb slightly marinated with a poignant brown sauce and with pan fried Portobello mushrooms.


Jack Winery Shannon Sutherland Wine maker & Romeo Wine

Wine range from Jack Winery

My second stop was a great visit to Sally’s Paddock to meet Hendrick Van Der Mije. We talked about this small vineyard, nestled in Redbank, Victoria, run by a passionate family who knows how to make wine. You can taste the passion and wine knowledge from the first sip. When I tasted all of the range, I realised how important it is to put love, dedication, and fun all year round to produce a delicious wine…

Think about the last time you cooked a really good meal. How were you feeling? Mostly likely, you were in a good mood and that translated to a succulent dish. It’s quite simple, when you cook with passion and take time to understand your products; the result is simply amazing! You’re also pretty proud to share your labour with your friends and family!

This gratifying feeling is exactly how I felt when I tasted the range of wines from Sally’s Paddock. I can taste multiple flavours! It’s simply amazing. You need to taste it for yourself to understand. Here’s their website:


Sally's Paddock Hendrick + Romeo

My last stop was of course to see my favorite cheese maker - L’Artisan Cheese from Geelong.

Here again I realised how it is so important to engage with passionate people. Thanks to Matthieu, the cheese maker, I tasted two cheeses. The Rouge and The Fermier.

The Fermier is a very Australian Washed Rind. It is very strong with vigorous pungent flavours, yet complex with a surprisingly oozy texture when ripe. While the Fermier (French for farmer) is a smeared rind semi hard cheese who is matured for two to four months. It features a nutty taste with pungent notes that become more obvious when aged. Just so delicious! I could not resist myself and had to buy a couple.

I love L’Artisan Cheese’s traditional organic cheese making passion so much that we’ll be shortly introducing them into the RomeWine courses. Be quick, and send us a request for your private lesson or group wine education experience, and be the first ones to taste this succulent explosion of flavours!

These three stops ended my 2016 Good Food & Wine Show adventure. I met some nice passionate makers of wine and cheese.

I want to end this post saying a big thank you to the organisers of the show and of course the volunteers. They all work very hard to put on this amazing show! Until next year guys!

Et voila…


The Fermier

L' Artisan the best organic cheese from Victoria

At the end of the day Melbourne by night

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