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Based in the vibrant and most liveable city in the world, Melbourne, Australia, RomeoWine is changing the way people engage, interact, and appreciate wine. RomeoWine's philosophy - learning about wine must always be enjoyable and practical.

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A passionate Frenchman with wine is in his blood

Our Director and founder Roméo hails from the Loire Valley in France, which boast over 86 wine AOC (appellation d’origine contrôllée) including Sancerre, Muscadet, Saumur, Chinon, and Bourgueil St-Nicolas. He grew up surrounded by vineyards, which started his lifelong passion for wine.  Taught by his father from a young age about the intricacies of wine education, Rome has built on two decades of wine knowledge.

From Europe to Australia

In addition to his European wine expertise, Romeo has also worked in wineries across Australia including Vasse Felix and gastronomic restaurants during multiple events around Melbourne. His understanding of food and wine pairing is exceptional, making him a knowledgeable consultant for a wide range of restaurants.

Delivering engaging, enjoyable, and memorable wine experiences

With a public speaking background and an open and engaging demeanour, Roméo delivers enjoyable and memorable wine tasting sessions to ensure his clients takeaway a renewed passion for wine and a strong understanding of how to get the best experiences with their future wine tasting journeys.

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Community Involvement

At RoméoWine, we understand that the strength of a business is only as strong as the community in which it lives. 

In his pre-Australian life, Roméo was a French firefighter for over 10 years. Giving back to the community was a daily occurence.

For this reason, from day one, Roméo set out to establish a business that was built around helping others. We're reached out to some special community organisations and we are excited to share with you more information very shortly.

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